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Desperate, Hyde writes a letter to Lanyon from Jekyll instructing Lanyon to get certain chemicals and have them waiting for him at Lanyon's home.When Hyde arrives, Lanyon pulls a gun on him and demands that Hyde take him to Jekyll.Hyde then viciously murders Sir Danvers out in the garden by striking him repeatedly with Jekyll's cane until it breaks, then runs off into the night towards Jekyll's home and the lab to mix a new formula to change himself back.

Just then a nervous Jekyll begins changing into Hyde before their shocked eyes.After the other guests have left, Jekyll informs Sir Danvers that, after speaking to Muriel, he wants Carew's permission to push up their wedding date. Jekyll drives the man away and carries Ivy up to her room to attend to her.Ivy begins flirting with Jekyll and feigning injury, but Jekyll fights temptation and leaves with Lanyon.Hyde angrily confronts her about seeing Jekyll and, just before murdering her, reveals that he and Jekyll are one and the same.Hyde escapes and heads back to Jekyll's house but Poole refuses to open the door.

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Jekyll admits that he must call off the wedding to Muriel for her own safety, as he feels that he is already damned and fears that he will harm her.

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