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ESTPs are perhaps the most Gryffindor personality type out there: bold, blunt, and always ready to take risks.

Ginny's a bundle of energy who likes running headlong into dangerous situations and making out with whomever the hell she wants to.

Lupin's quiet, observant nature and his secret, pent-up wolf rage make him a classic INFJ: diplomatic and kind on the outside, intensely passionate on the inside.

Poor li'l Draco is a self-confident, quick-thinking, somewhat cynical INTJ.

Luna is a dreamy, introverted idealist, like any true INFP.

But just because she's quirky and sweet doesn't mean she's a pushover; INFPs come across as shy, but deep down they're passionate about their beliefs and protecting their friends.He cares about others, but isn't always stellar at accessing his feelings, and he prefers to learn by Hagrid is a classic ISFP: loving, loyal, and a tad on the sensitive side.He values his privacy (especially about his parentage), sticks to his principles, and doesn't like to be boxed in by societal conventions.And lastly, there's J for judging or P for perceiving.Do you like your world to be structured and closed, or always open to new options?

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